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Adventure Racing Equipment - Top 10 Things Lead You to Win

Different events would require different adventure racing equipment. There is some adventure racing equipment that you must have for personal purposes and others for team use. It's always better to know the event before entering; take all the information that you can on what to expect from the race - asking the organizers is the best way to go. Nevertheless, here is the top 10 list (in no particular order of importance) of the most important adventure racing equipment that your team would need to have to claim that 1st prize.

1. First aid kit: Safety should always get top priority in adventure racing equipments. A team should have at least one kit even if you are the toughest bunch of adventure racers out there. Make sure that you get a kit that is designed specifically for adventure racing.

2. Water containers: You would have to always keep yourself and your team hydrated. Water is very important and you should regularly take in small amounts of water. Make sure that you get the containers that are ergonomically designed, for ease and convenience of carrying around.

3. Cooking stove, pots and utensils: A lot of times, adventure races can take 3-6 days to complete and so you would have to carry cooking equipment and cooking utensils. Food and proper nutrition during the adventure race is vital for a win because many times, teams try overdoing it by not eating. Not only is this not good for their health, but a lot of times they would just drop out on the 4th or 5th day due to excessive fatigue. A good team knows how to balance out work and rest.

4. Tents or sleeping bags: It is best to carry those multi-purpose knapsack/sleeping bags because you would not have to carry two things at once, although you would have to rearrange everything back into position every morning. Try and get those weatherproof and lightweight sleeping bags for adventure racing.

5. Mountain bike: Not all races provide bikes, so you would have to bring your own for those stages that require one.

6. Mountain bike roof rack: You will have to place your bike somewhere when not in use.

7. Support vehicle: The more challenging races would require a support crew with a support vehicle. In those races, there is absolutely no chance of winning without a supporting cast. Never overestimate your abilities and use every type of help you can find if it's allowed within the competition.

8. Flashlights: Sometimes night navigation is required and needless to say, you would definitely need a flashlight or two. Better get the headlamps for convenience.

9. Compass and map: You would reach nowhere near the finish line if you go the wrong way. Get at least one map and a map protector. Also, get a compass that is embedded on a wrist watch so that you would have your hands free at all times.

10. Small items: Ropes, whistles, duct tape and Swiss knives are other very useful essentials to add to your adventure racing kit; you never know when you might need them.

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