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Baby Shower Games
Contains a selection of baby shower games and themes.
Baby Shower Games Galore
Custom baby shower games that can be downloaded and printed directly from the site.
Set up an online baby pool. Send announcements and invitations via e-mail, and create an online homepage for your newborn child.
Cinema FreeNet
Links actors, directors, and producers together given a source and a target.
Fib-Or-Not Game
Game in which a story is told and the audience must guess whether or not the person is fibbing.
A game were people take photos of themselves with various objects. Site contains an image gallery and rules.
Party Game Central
Party games and birthday games for kids, teens, and adults including ideas for large groups, icebreakers, pool parties, team building and outdoor activities.
Party Game Ideas
Categorized collection of party games and activities for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, and holidays.
Party Games Etc.
Categorized directory of party game ideas and instructions. Includes games for baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, kid's parties, adult and dancing games.
The Pumpkin Shell
Ebook featuring information, ideas, and themes for planning and hosting a scavenger hunt game. Other ebooks offered include 25 party games, and kids craft recipes.
Truth Or Dare Online
An online, interactive and customizable version of the game include.
Who's in the Bag?
Game in which each team tries to identify as many personalities on the cards as possible before the timer runs out and the bag or hat passes to the next team.
Yan Koloba
Group activity that teaches good charater traits, cultural diversity, and team building.
Gift-giving party game suitable for small to large groups. Offers free download of the official rules for a Yankee Swap in PDF format.

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