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American Firearms Industry
American Firearms Industry is the Official Journal for the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers, America's Largest and Oldest Firearms Retailer Association.
American Handgunner Online
The first magazine devoted to active shooters who are serious about handguns, accessories, carry options, self-defense and shooting techniques.
Black Powder and how to make it
Book on how to make black powder for muzzloaders.
Country Pursuits (UK)
The website for anyone interested in the country, shooting, game shooting, gundogs and other country sports. Includes the Shooting Gazette, Britain's No 1 game shooting monthly.
Features articles on legislation, technology, reviews, reports, and commentary. Also offers links to related sites.
Gun Show Books
Books and other titles by gun experts who know their stuff and their books.
Gun Tests
A monthly magazine offering comprehensive, straight-shooting reviews and ratings of all types of guns.
GunBlast.- WebZine
GunBlast is the newest, most down-to-earth Webzine for firearm aficionados. It is written, photographed, and maintained by Greg, Jeff & Boge Quinn, three brothers from Tennessee.
Sells books related to firearm laws. Also links to many state regulations concerning concealed carry weapons and firearms laws.
Guns & Ammo
The online edition of the magazine providing articles, news, and information about firearms.
GUNS Magazine Online
Shooting sports magazine for the latest news on guns, ammunition, and accessories. Highlights of the current issue are online.
Handguns Magazine
The online edition providing articles, news, and information about handguns.
Mike Stegen Sales
Mail order catalog of gun books featuring single-shot rifles, western gun books, buffalo hunting, military guns, shot guns, reloading, gunsmithing, gun history, collector guides. Discount prices.
Precision Shooting Magazine
Monthly magazine.
Rutgers Book Center
Featuring books on guns: antiques, new, out-of-print, gun collecting, and militaria.
Shotgun Sports Magazine
Shotgun enthusiasts' web site for anything and everything to do with all the shotgun sports.
Soldier Of Fortune Magazine
Famous and simultaneously infamous magazine, for 'mercenaries and professional soldiers' as well as for arm-chair dreamers and wannabes.
Wolfe Publishing Company
Handloader and Rifle Magazines

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