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Absurd Humorous Stories
Humorous original short stories on a variety of items, including the news.
Adventures of Swoozie True
The humorous adventures of an offbeat chick from birth to celebrity.
Angela Gillaspie's SouthernAngel
The 'Redneck Bombeck' takes you all through the interesting feats of Southern motherhood.
Annoying Neighbors
Read stories and post your own about bad experiences with neighbors.
Beryl the Gnome
Stories and general humor related to this species of little folk.
Bob's Photographs and Stories
Silly short stories to make you either giggle or groan. Includes photos.
Clean Funny
A collection of clean, funny stories, jokes and links.
College Stories
A collection of stories from the college life. Topics range from final exams to fraternity pranks.
Don's Dizzy Dragon
Humor magazine of original stories, satire, fables , and games.Updated weekly. A jokes library.
Dumbass Chronicles
A collection of humorous factual stories.
Enna and Robbette's Story
A twisted, funny, ironic story of two insane girls' lives with '90's pop culture references to boot.
Fisherman's Guidebook of Jokes and Humor
Original stories and humor about fishing and the outdoors life.
Foot In Your Mouth.
Submit and read stories about people putting their feet in their mouths.
Francine Magazine
Chronicles the life of a fictional cartoon character named Francine. Includes short stories, animation, tips, quizzes, horoscopes, movie reviews, and book reviews.
Original musings, rambling, and creatives of an eclectic collective.
Funny Stories
Collection of short funny stories.
Grave Times
Humorous stories, including a little vasectomy operation...
Hectic Planet
Collection of humorous and weird stories. Vote for your favorite and submit your own.
Humor Is Relative
Locate humorous collections of stories about the one thing we all have in common: family.
I Used to Believe
Over 8000 examples of common or bizarre childhood beliefs, organised by topic.
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