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A is for Army
Humor by army cadets, for army cadets.
Jokes about accounting and book-keeping.
Accounting Info
Contains jokes and news about accountants and taxes.
Architecture Jokes
Jokes about architecture, building and construction. Visitors can rate jokes for quality or submit their own.
At Work and Bored
A selection of work and non-work related humor to stave off boredom, plus a panic button in case the boss visits.
Bad Managers
Real-life horror stories of disastrous projects and egotistic managers. Updated weekly.
Bo Mallow
An original cartoon character reflecting the life of a person being laid off. Job resources, wallpapers, comics available. Requires Flash.
Call Center Comics
Cartoons and funny situations from life in a call center.
First it was cubicles, Then they found the reams of pink paper. This is what happens when almost everyone in a business is 'let go'.
Customers Suck
The reason why those in retail think customers suck, and what you can do to stop it.
Day Job
Restless gen-X professionals come to question meaning in the modern workplace, rant about office-angst and check in with popular culture.
Don's Boss Page
Hide from your boss with this fake spreadsheet. Stealth surfing tips, and worker-friendly sites.
Drink at Work
Weekly career advice for the professionally disinclined.
Provides a full list of rules to observe when riding an elevator.
Visitors can share their awful work experiences at jobs they'd like to quit.
Gone to Blazes
Firefighter jokes and humor and extracts from an upcoming book of firefighter humor.
Hate Your Job
An irreverant look at work including rotten managers, subversive staff, and jargon.
Hire Me Dumbass
Prank cover letters and various other items relating to work and unemployment. Includes online sale of book and merchandise.
Advice, inspiration and excuses for not going into work. Submit your favorite hooky story.
I Love Boxes
Stories of experiences working in a glorified box factory with a collection of social misfits.
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