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Provides articles on primitive living skills, including hide tanning, fire making, shelter construction, and primitive archery.
Bushcraft UK
A resource for anyone interested in the outdoors, especially for those involved in bushcraft, fieldcraft, or survival. Provides articles, a forum, and reviews of wilderness survival products.
Features hiking, camping, backpacking and wilderness survival tips, gear tips, information about survival school, hiking locations, photos and contact information.
History and Primitive Technology Page
Explore, discuss, and exchange information on matters pertaining to history from the stone-age to the turn of the century.
Hoods Woods
Wilderness survival instruction, information, and instructional videos for outdoor enthusiasts.
Native Tech
Articles on clay and pottery, leather and clothes, stonework and tools, weaving and cordage, food and recipes.
Native Web
Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.
Primitive Ways
This site is dedicated to Stone Age technology, atlatl spear throwers, fire by friction, simple kayaks, and bow and arrow.
Society of Primitive Technology
A non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of primitive technology, earth skills, wilderness survival and Native awareness.
An online survival community with forums, news and discussions for people to share thoughts, ideas and experiences for personal preservation.
An illustrated guide with information, tips, pictures, maps and diagrams.
The Ranger's Digest
Provides a collection of survival tips as well as an order form to buy them in hard copy.
Tracker Trail
Information on primitive skills, tracking, nature, and wilderness awareness from the viewpoint of the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the Earth.
UK Survival
Provides instructions for survival skills such as fire-making and shelter construction. Also sells survival equipment.
Welcome to Old Jimbo's site.
Find information concerned with outdoor activities relating to survival, shooting, and plants.
Wilderness Manuals
Published by the United States Army. Features map reading and land navigation, topographic symbols, first aid, survival, evasion and recovery, field hygiene and sanitation, and basic cold weather camping.
Wilderness Survival
Offers information from U.S. Army instruction manuals on all aspects of a wilderness survival situation. Includes diagrams and pictures.
Wilderness Survival Outline
A brief outline that offers short tips for each major survival issue.

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