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Factory Five Roadsters
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1950s Specials
Dedicated to the early days of fibreglass car body construction and the industry that surrounded the specials craze during the ten years from 1954 - 1964. Pictures and history of the various manufacturers and their cars. Requires Java.
7's Mailing List
Information on building a Caterham 7, Westfield, Striker, and Locost. FAQ, pictures, links, events, build page, diary and logbook.
Andy's Porsche 550 Spyder's Web
Documents the conversion of a Skoda Estelle 130 to a 1950's replica. Gallery, video clips, SVA information and modifications, originals, shows visited, first build project, personal area and links.
Bradley GT Car Club II
Fan club for owners of Scorpion GT, Bradley GT or GTII. Contains message board, what's new, owner list, pictures, shows, parts, for sale and membership information.
Building a Quantum Xtreme Kit Car
Welcome to Describing choosing, building, registering, driving and modifying cars. Pictures and plans included.
Burton car Company
About the owners, the workshop, for sale, contact, general information, features, assembly and pictures.
Dale Van Blokland's Lambo Builder
FAQ, gallery and build diary of Phantom Roadster.
Esther Seven
A Lotus 7 replica built in Sweden. Contains background in Swedish and English. Chassis construction, on the racetrack, pictures, links, contact, updates, parts, for sale, fun stuff and forum.
Fiberfab Avenger
Bulletin board, registry, photo gallery, t-shirts, for sale, email, literature, history, links, technical section and purpose.
Giles Cooper's Tiger Cat Site
Welcome to Summary of the build, SVA test, specifications, modifications, interests, boring bits, and ERA photos.
Glassic Annex
Glassic Model A Ford replicas, also known as Replicars. History and support site for the Phaeton and Roadster replicas of 1931 Fords manufactured in the 1960's and 1970's.
JBA Cars
Welcome to Makers of the Falcon, a traditional roadster with 1930's look. The cars, brochure, FAQ, events, owner's club and links.
John's Pembleton Build Site
Covers the work on a Brooklands from inception to completion with pictures, build diary, hints, tips, Sylva Leader, Round Table, rant and links.
Kellison Cars
Message board, pictures, publications, technical, links, registry, odd styles, wanted, for sale, upgrades, GT 40 and catalogs.
Kit Car Magazine
Vendor database, classifieds, discussion, news, visitors cars, consumer alerts, events, advertisers, opportunities, articles and forum.
Kit-Car Magazine
Monthly publication for enthusiasts. Contains a donor guide, events, accessories, list of manufacturers, clubs, and subscription information.
What's new, announcements, manufacturers, consumer alert, cars for sale, die cast models, photography tips, archives, Cobra country, assembly shops, titles and insurance, clubs registry, guide, bookstores, humor and links.
For sale, want to buy, unfinished projects, parts, equipment and molds, investors and jobs, want to trade, sponsors, turnkeys, companies, services, products, forums, classifieds, links and statistics.
La Bala
A lightweight and low cost, mid-engined automobile for road and track use. News, diary, gallery, links and contact.
Lambo Lounge
About the Diablo with photos and information about the various parts of the car. Current build, chassis, body, front, rear, interior and notes.
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