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Alex Peck Antique Scientifica
A resource site of antique medical, surgical, dental, and Civil War medical related artifacts (Medical, Surgeon, Bloodletting, and Stethoscope. Fine examples are pictured with authoritative descriptions in an archive.
Antique Historical Scientific Instruments
A Private Collection - Containing historic Surveying Levels, Sundials Astrolabes, Microscopes, Globes, Chronometers, Sextants, Telescopes, Theodolites and Graphometers.
Antique Spectacles Page
Provides information on antique spectacles, eyeglasses, monocles, pince nez and lorgnettes. Also includes a virtual spectacles museum.
Buys and sells antique brass microscopes and telescopes. Credit Cards accepted.
Artifice - Antique Scientific Instruments
Retails antique brass microscopes, telescopes, surveying equipment, calculating devices and other apparatus.
Brass Telescopes shown for sale if full of beautiful brass instruments inspired by the Victorian era.
Eye Antiques and Collectibles
Eye antiques display items from the ophthalmic past including glasses spectacles, ophthalmoscopes, microscopes, and eye exam items.
Historical Microscopes.
Brass microscopes, optical and other scientific instruments, books about microscopes and microscopy.
International Society of Antique Scale Collectors
The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) was founded in 1976 so that people who collect antique scales could form friendships, correspond, meet with each other, and enhance the pleasures of collecting. ISASC members are located in the U.S., Canada, and a number of other countries around the world.
Medical Antiques Collector
This website is to illustrate the fine craftsmanship of the past and to put this great talent in perspective of the traditions of the times - the contrast is often dramatic as you will see.
Medical Antiques Online
Collection includes images and descriptions of stethoscopes and other medical items.
Medical Surgical and Bloodletting Antiques Collector Resource
Educational site for collectors and those interested in Antique Medical, Surgical, and Bloodletting Instruments. We help match people help with item possessing these antiques with people who desire them! We identification also.
Osborne's Antiques
Manufacturers and suppliers of barometer parts mercury tubes and thermometers for the repair and restoration of antique and modern barometers.
Quicksilver Barometers - Sale, Repair & Renovation
English seller and repairer at a high quality and consistent with the original specifications of the device.
Scales and Weights
A collection of all types of historical scales and weights from different periods of the past 3000 years.
Scientific Instrument Collectors Database
A Windows database template for the serious collector of scientific instruments, and tools. Provides a powerful research and insurance documentation tool cross-referencing instruments, makers, publications, resources, images and signatures.
Simon Weber-Unger.
Austrian dealer of antique medical and scientific instruments including globes.
The Barometer Shop
Buying, selling, repair, and restoration of antique mercurial and aneroid barometers, clocks and watches. Also restore other types of antiques. Includes examples of stock. Located in Leominster, England.

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