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Aerobatics by Frank Versteegh
Features Dutch aerobatic pilot. Information on pilot, aircraft, calendar and training. Includes a collection of pictures and an archive of links to aviation-related sites.
Wingwalking aerobatics team. Details of aircraft, team, public flights and corporate days.
Air Combat Canada - Dogfighting Training
Expert aviation company dedicated to providing the most authentic demonstration, adventure and training products available in the industry. Our pilots, aircraft and professional services are second-to-none.
Airshow performers providing a unique range of showmanship and professional airshow aerial demonstrations offering a variety of aircraft for airshows and competition.
Bill Cornick-Professional Aerobatics
'The Grandfather in Aerobatics', gives you Air Show Excitement with the precision of an Unlimited Competition Champion. ?Bill ?is now flying his new Aviat 'Super' Pitts S-2C, 'Big Bad Green'.
Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds
Canadian 9-plane formation team. Includes pilot bios, schedule, multimedia, sponsor guide, and guestbook.
Chambliss Aerobatics
Displays by United States champion. Details of aircraft, pilot and schedule.
Fire Cat Jet
L39 with radical paint scheme available for Airshows. Based at Livermore Municipal Airport, California.
Flying Bulls
A European aerobatic team flying Zlin aircraft.
Fury Helicopters
Aerobatic helicopter displays. Details of schedule, gallery and aircraft.
Gee Bee R-2 Replica Vintage Air Race Plane
Relive the golden age of air racing with Delmar Benjamin and the Gee Bee R-2 Replica 1932 Air Race Plane.
Gregory Fretz Skysport
Skysports homepage airshow act and information.
Lima Lima Flight Team
The Lima Lima Flight Team demonstration is flown with six airplanes, It includes several formation configurations, from the six ship wedge and double arrowhead, to the basic finger four and diamond formations
Matt Chapman Airshows
The Official Matt Chapman Airshows Web Site, schedule, guest book, picture gallery, and e-mail.
North American Aerobatic Team
The team consists of four pilots flying formation aerobatics in the North American T-6, an Advanced Trainer from World War II.
Official Website of Airshow Performer Jim LeRoy
Information on airshow performer Jim LeRoy. Pictures, downloadable videos, and contact information.
Over The Top Aerobatics
Displays by Rob Berger in an Extra 200. Details of pilot, aircraft and event schedule. Includes a picture gallery.
An exciting, brand new company that provides top-notch, exhibition skydiving talent for airshows, and professional actors,stunt performers, military technical advisors and personal trainers for movies and television.
Patty Wagstaff Official Airshows Home Page
The Official Patty Wagstaff Airshows Home Page with biography information, Schedule, Email, Newsletter and info on Patty's new Autobiography Fire and Air.
Rob Harrison AirShows
Aerobatic pilot using a Czech-built Zlin 50 unlimited 300+ HP monoplane. Provides details of the pilot and aircraft, schedules and services available.
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